Business and Church Wholesale

The Cleft has so much to offer your church or business.

Fresh Roasted Coffee at a Whole Sale price…

As a business / ministry courtesy, we offer you our whole-sale price, regardless of the volume of coffee you purchase. We’ve strategically structured our ministry to minimize overhead, which allows us to give you the best value on the highest grade Arabica beans on the market, fresh roasted in small batches (no bulk roasting), by our artisan roaster. We offer a tremendous variety of regular, flavored, decaf and Single Serve options. We’re proud to serve you with fresh roasted coffee. You won’t be disappointed!

Free customized virtual storefront

Every Cleft affiliate gains access to their custom, online storefront. We’ve built technology into our website that generates a unique custom link for your organization. You share this via e-mail or social media outlets. Your customer clicks on the link where it logs them into the Cleft website as one of your customers. The Cleft takes the order, collects the funds and ships them their coffee. Then, we send you your profit!

Operation “Share the Love”

Help us “share the love” with our troops while we provide you with a product that has no inventory or overhead. Your customers have the opportunity to buy a soldier a cup of coffee or even a bag of coffee (at your POS or on the Cleft website through your link.) Your customer pays the retail price for this coffee and you submit to us the wholesale price. (Thus, you earn the profit.) The Cleft then fresh roasts and ships this to our troops serving our country. You have a product with no inventory or overhead that can generate substantial profit while you help share the love with our troops. This is a WIN, WIN, WIN opportunity.

Great business… Great purpose!