Operation Share the Love

The Cleft is a ministry called to use coffee to share the love of Christ and proclaim the Gospel message. God has given us a passion to reach our troops. The men and women serving our country are away from their families sometimes for a year at a time and many daily serve in harm’s way. We can’t change this reality, but we can show them the love of Christ by putting freshly roasted coffee in their hands. As they sip on the amazing quality of Cleft Coffee, they can read on every bag the origin of the love they’ve been shown – Jesus Christ. The coffee is amazing, but the message can change their lives forever! We can’t bring them home, but we can bring a piece of home to them!

Please buy a soldier, Marine, or serviceman/woman a cup of coffee today and we’ll get it to them.
*We send Whole bean, Ground, or single serve cups, based on the needs of the location requesting coffee.
Are you a military chaplain looking to team up with the Cleft?
We proudly support our military