Coffee is a tool that enables us to connect with 80% of our communities. The Cleft puts the Gospel message on every bag of fresh roasted coffee. Your supporters have the Gospel on their counter-tops every morning.

Strategic Factors that Make Coffee Evangelism & Fund-raising Successful:

1.Effectively connect with a large support base.

In any ministry or fund-raising venture, your success depends upon how well you can connect with people. Coffee helps us connect with 80% of the people around us. Coffee is a “common ground” amongst people of all races, cultures, ethinicities and ages. This is a huge support base!

2.Provide a service or product that meets a real need in your supporter’s daily lives.

Your supporters already drink coffee on a daily basis! Now you get to be a part of providing them with a tremendous variety of the highest quality, fresh roasted coffee from all over the world.

3.Provide a service or product that is residual (ongoing all year long).

Most fund-raisers are a one-time event. You can sell brownies, do a car wash or put on a spaghetti dinner. When the event is over, you’re done. Not with coffee! Your supporters are drinking coffee all year long. The Cleft processes and programs easily facilitate this ongoing, residual opportunity to supply your supporters with fresh roasted coffee all year long.

4.Provide a product that isn’t a sacrifice for your supporters.

Your supporters are already purchasing coffee to meet their daily needs. That means that it’s not a sacrifice for them to support your organization by purchasing coffee. They are simply buying their coffee from a different source. In fact, through the Cleft process, it actually makes it easier for them to purchase their coffee and support you all year long.