There are a lot of great coffee companies out there.  But, Cleft Coffee is set apart for many reasons.

1) Our purpose! Every aspect of our coffee is aimed at impacting people’s lives!

-When we partner with organizations, the greatest percentage of the profit goes to our partner, not the Cleft.  Why?  Because this is why we exist…. To serve you and to make an impact!

2) Our Coffee! Cleft coffee is amongst the highest quality coffee you can get on the market.

-We roast only the highest grade Arabica beans from all origins we offer

-We roast in small batches to guarantee an even, controlled roast


-Our pricing for the quality is amazing.  Company’s sell this quality of coffee for $18-25 pound.  We sell it for $15 (and the bulk of the profit goes to our partner organizations).

3) The web-based technology we’ve developed to empower our partner organizations.

The Cleft Coffee website is like an iceberg.  What you see on the surface is nice.  But, what’s below the surface is massive!  Our ability to utilize “affiliate tagging” in a variety of settings coupled with our extensive accounting and reporting allows us to empower very large organizations with a lot of members to use the Cleft system and raise funds all year long with very minimal effort.  Our communication systems in place keep your organization and members updated in real time as our system works for your organization and individual members.  We give businesses a virtual storefront with no overhead to maximize profit potential.  Our technology also works for every partner of ours in giving the opportunity to greatly support our troops while creating an additional business revenue or fund-raising opportunity.  Our technology and staff work around the clock, 365 days a year for each of our partner organizations and strategic business alliances.  We know of no one else who does what we do!