The technology we’ve built within our website empowers our partner organizations to begin using the Cleft Coffee system to raise funds all over the United States within minutes.  Our affiliate linking technology works on behalf of our partner organization as well as each individual member within our partner organization.  For example, when an organization partners with the Cleft, our website assigns a “unique identifier” (a long steam of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies your organization).  We embed this unique identifier within a link that can be shared with anyone across the United States via e-mail, social media or placed on a website page.  When someone clicks on this link it takes them to the Cleft website, logs them in as a supporter of your organization (because our database recognizes your unique identifier within the link).  Your supporter purchases coffee and we collect the funds, fresh roast and ship them their order while you get e-mail notifications as well as updated live reporting on your customized, password protected dashboard on the Cleft website.  We then send you the funds for your supporter’s purchase.  All you do is share your link.

We give your organization an invite link (directly on your organizations dashboard) for anyone whom you desire to invite as a member of your organization.  Your member fills out this form (which takes 2 minutes) and then we establish your members customized, password protected dashboard with your organizations links on their dashboard.  This link, however, is slightly modified as we add an additional identifier to the organization link that recognizes the member within your organization.  Now, your member can share their links all over the United States and we track each member’s fund-raising efforts within your organization.

Our accounting and tracking are very extensive!

We offer 3 different kinds of links:

Partner Link-This link is shared all over the United States.  When your supporter purchases through the partner link, we ship the coffee directly to their home, wherever they are in the United States.  We collect the funds and then send you the funds generated from that sale.  The Cleft offers free shipping on orders of 20lbs or more.  If the supporter doesn’t purchase 20 lbs, they pay shipping on this order.

Operation Share the Love link-Operation Share the Love is a program we have that allows individuals and organization to donate a cup of coffee or bag(s) of coffee and we send it to our troops serving our country.  You can share this link all over the world.  When someone donates even a cup of coffee to the troops, it raises funds for your organization.  We send you the funds raised and we then send coffee to our troops.  This program is tremendously impactful on so many levels!

Campaign Link-This works very similar to the Partner link.  However, this link is generated when the organization launches a campaign.  The purpose of a campaign is to clump all local orders together into one shipment.  This is designed to save on shipping costs as the Cleft offers free shipping on orders of 20lbs or more.  The deadline date is established by the organization and the link is shared with all local supporters.  Once the deadline has been met, the link becomes inactive and the campaign is finalized.

-Most campaign orders are combined with our hybrid fund-raising approach.  If a youth group were doing a fund-raiser, the organization can launch a campaign and the members share their campaign links with all of their local supporters.  Then, each member can take the manual sign-up forms and (printed directly from their password protected dashboard on the Cleft website).  They go to businesses and individuals whom they know and collect orders for coffee.  Prior to the campaign closing, we have a place for the member to input all of the manual orders to be combined with all of the electronic orders.  Now, on the manual order form, there is a place to collect the e-mail address.  On the next campaign, these supporters can easily purchase coffee through the links online as you have their e-mail address.  This makes the long term success much greater!